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10 years ago I met a man at a backyard BBQ that changed my life... 

I was in my early 20s, fresh out of college and working a real estate job in Denver that I hated. The fluorescent lights, cubicles, and morning traffic were soul-sucking. I was struggling and lost, drinking a lot and going through a breakup.

One weekend, I went to a backyard barbecue at a friend’s house, just looking to blow off some steam. Across from me was a guy in a leather jacket with a scraggly beard, smoking a cigarette. I introduced myself and asked what he did.

He proceeded to tell me how he was making $2,000 a day

From an iPhone app he had developed two years prior. The app continued to make money for him every day, even when he wasn’t working on it.

I was blown away – here was a way to make money online without needing permission from a boss or corporation. The idea that I could create an asset like this app that could make money while I slept was mind-blowing and inspiring.

Even though friends and family discouraged me at first, I couldn’t get this guy’s story out of my head. Six months later, I finally decided to create my own iPhone app. It quickly rose to the top of the App Store charts.

Even though friends and family discouraged me at first, I couldn’t get this guy’s story out of my head. Six months later, I finally decided to create my own iPhone app. It quickly rose to the top of the App Store charts.

There are two ways to make money in this world: Trade your time or own an asset

That app was making money every single day, even while he was sleeping or partying. It opened my eyes to the concept of making money passively.

That fateful encounter made me realize I’d been playing the wrong game. If I wanted true wealth and freedom, I couldn’t just trade my time. I needed to own assets that could earn me income.

It set me on a path that changed my life. I soon created my own successful iPhone app and never looked back.

Trading time for money is what most people do – they work a job that pays them hourly or a salary.

Or… they are “self employed” and own a business that would implode if they took two weeks off work.

The problem with trading time for money is that no matter how hard they work, there are only so many hours in a day.

The day you wake up and don’t feel like going to work, your income stops.

Owning an asset that makes money on its own is a whole different ballgame. Assets like software, intellectual property, and real estate can make money passively, without you having to actively work for every dollar.

When I was stuck doing agency work for clients, I was definitely in the “trading time for money” camp. Every new client was more work, it didn’t seem like I could ever get ahead.

But everything changed when I met that guy at the barbecue. With his iPhone app raking in 2k/day without him lifting a finger, he showed me the power of owning an asset.

Owning that app asset enabled me to quit the 9-5 rat race once and for all. It gave me my freedom back and put me in control of my lifestyle.

I learned that trading time will always have hard limits. But owning the right assets can make you financially free. It was a lesson that changed my world.

I learned that trading time will always have hard limits. But owning the right assets can make you financially free. It was a lesson that changed my world.

AI isn’t just taking the boring jobs, it’s wiping out businesses and the laptop worker class

Whether you own a business or work in a job, one thing is for certain. AI is coming for us all. Most people are just burying their head in the sand, hoping they’ll make it through, but of course, they won’t.

They’ll be ok for a while, but the day will come when they realize that Ai has taken over.

Most people are playing defense, instead of trying to win in the AI revolution 

The only hope for any of us is to “own the machines,” to be the one who gets the reward even if AI is the one doing the work.

To own an asset that uses AI to create value for our customers, whether we’re sleeping in, out with the fam or hard at work.

Why start your own AI Software company today? 

No coding involved 

Profitable Today

Recurring monthly revenue

Don’t need to go through weeks of courses and learning to start 

Unlimited potential, go as big as you want

Plus, you don’t have to worry about... 

No Selling on the phone 

No Buying inventory 

No Going through endless courses 

No Hiring a developer 

No Getting caught by procrastination or self doubt 

AI Software is the BEST business or additional revenue source to start in 2023

If you already own a business… We went from monetizing 1% of our leads to 10% of our leads by adding a software component to our business.

What exactly does the AI Software Do? 

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AI Content Creation Software can do it all

AI Writer

Our AI can write anything you can imagine from ads to videos, contracts, resumes and more.

AI ChatBots

Chat with our business coach AI, career coach AI, or any of the dozens of other chatbots.

AI Image Creation

If you can dream it you can create it with our AI image creation software

Voice to Text

Automatically transcribe videos, webinars, VSLs etc. so you can analyze, model and replicate.

Text To Voice

Create AI voice covers for videos, TikToks, IG Reels, YT Shorts, VSLs and more.

AI Code Creations

Create custom widgets, tools, automation and more without knowing how to code.

Let AI write all of your Scripts, Descriptions and Social Posts for you


In today’s digital age, content is king. But creating fresh, engaging content regularly can be a daunting task. That’s where AI comes in. With advanced algorithms trained on millions of data points, AI can craft compelling scripts, create informative descriptions, and generate social media posts that resonate with your audience. Whether you’re a YouTuber, podcaster, or social media influencer, our AI tools are designed to streamline your content creation process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating and connecting. Embrace the power of AI and transform the way you produce content with speed, efficiency, and a touch of creativity.

Create Images with the click of a Button


Transform your ideas into visual realities with the revolutionary simplicity of Layla AI. Our platform empowers you to turn concepts into high-quality images in seconds. Just input your vision, and Layla AI’s sophisticated algorithms will interpret your words and craft images that bring your thoughts to life. Ideal for artists, designers, and creatives of all kinds, Layla AI is your on-demand digital artist. Whether you need stunning graphics for your website, creative visuals for your marketing campaign, or just want to bring your imaginations to life, our AI is the tool for you. Experience the future of image creation today and let your creativity run wild.

Text to Voice in Seconds


In an instant, your written words can be transformed into a clear, natural-sounding voice with our state-of-the-art AI technology. Say goodbye to costly equipment and time-consuming training. Our AI-powered text-to-speech service offers a variety of voices and languages to suit your needs, perfect for creating podcasts, audiobooks, or voiceovers for your videos. With customizable intonation and rhythm, you’ll have the perfect narration for your project. From professional presentations to entertaining stories, let our AI give voice to your creativity. Fast, efficient, and always ready to speak, our AI makes it simpler than ever to be heard.

Voice to Text Transcription


Unlock the full potential of your audio and video content with Layla AI’s superior voice-to-text transcription services. Whether you’re looking to convert lectures into study notes, meetings into minutes, or interviews into readable text, our AI has got you covered. With unmatched accuracy and speed, Layla AI preserves the nuances of speech, ensuring that every word is captured correctly. Edit, search, and repurpose your transcriptions with ease. It’s time to turn your spoken content into accessible, shareable, and workable text. Make your media more versatile than ever before with Layla AI transcription.

Access it all when and where you want


Step into the world of flexible learning where convenience meets comprehensive education with our on-demand course access. Tailored for the go-getters, the innovators, and the lifelong learners, our platform offers a vast library of resources available anytime, anywhere. From in-depth tutorials to bite-sized lessons, master new skills at your own pace with the expertise of industry professionals. With interactive content and a user-friendly interface, we ensure that your learning experience is as engaging as it is informative. Dive into a seamless learning journey today and take control of your professional growth with instant access to all course materials.

How would it feel to own a business in the fastest growing industry in the world?

Sell Software Not Yourself 

AI Content Creation Software is EXPLODING 

Example #1:


One of the pioneers in the field, Jasper grew to over a $1 BILLION valuation in a few short years. 

Example #2:


While they weren’t the first in their field, they proved it doesn’t matter at all. Copy.AI exploded to multi millions in annual revenue in a very short time

Example #3:


Trained on digital marketing campaigns, Layla is growing fast with 20-30 new customers every single day. Are you ready to get your own Layla? 

Apply to get us to build your AI Software for you in just two weeks

So two weeks from now you are a legit Ai Software CEO without lifting a finger.

Normal business - work starts when you get paid

  • Agency clients – Get paid then go to work 
  • Coaching clients – Get paid then go to work
  • Freelancer – Get paid then go to work
  • The worst of all – Work, then get paid 1x, then have to go back to work 
  • Every new day is new work.
  • Every new client is new work. 

AI Software Business: Every new customer paying is no additional work for you

  • the more customers the better
  •  Create the software once and sell it over and over again 
  • Customers pay every month so they can keep using the software 

"Your Time is Finite; Make Your Income Infinite."

Calculate your Software Growth Below

What to Expect When You Get Started 

Once you get signed up for AI Software CEO, You’re Two Weeks Away From Going Live

Step 1

Use our AI niche selection tool to decide on your niche and brand name.

Step 2

Complete payment and Fill Out The intake Form With Your Information

Step 3

We Get To Work Building Your Software, Marketing Website and Customer Support Chatbot

Step 4

Schedule Your Onboarding Call to Get Your Launch Plan and Go Live

Step 5

Follow Our Growth Plan To Add More and More Users

(TIMELINE) The Beginning of Your AI Empire Starts Here


Week 1

Intake form submission and we schedule your AI Build


Week 2

We’re Hard at Work Building Your Software


Week 3

Get your launch plan on your 1-1 onboarding call and go live 


Week 4

Start implementing Your growth plan to scale fast

Ongoing: Attend growth calls and market your software for more users

The time it takes to get your done-for-you AI Software up and running with paying users will be about 4 weeks. We will go from intake form, to setup, onboarding to implementation, and then week to week support.

What Exactly is done for you?

AI Content Creation Software development and Setup 

Server setup and hosting for 12 months

Email setup and configuration for lost passwords, account creation etc...  

Growth calls with winning strategies you can follow to grow your software 

Pricing plans and software usage tiers 

Customer Support chatbot configuration and setup

WordPress Marketing Website creation and setup including elementor pro 

Logo and Brand implementation

What exactly do you do?

AI-Assisted Marketing using our proven growth strategies and AI tools 

Let’s Compare Software to other assets you could own 

The S&P 500 averages 10% a year, so you’d need $1million invested to make an additional 100k next year

Real estate averages 8-12% so you’d need about the same invested

Software you can get started with a fraction of that and get a 10x bigger return

The Riches are In The Niches

Let’s look at some recent examples of Ai Software companies in the wild 

Specialize in a foreign language market

Specializes in students

Specializes in influencers

There are an unlimited # of niches to go in to with your Ai Software...

If you had AI SaaS business that didn’t require you to be in one specific place?

You made 6 figures to helping people use AI? 

If it didn’t cost you money to go on vacation?

If you had freedom with your time and your finances?

If you had an income source that you LOVED?

What would you do if you... 

Introducing AI Software CEO

What you get:

DONE-FOR-YOU AI Software, Setup and Hosting
($30,000 Value)

Your AI Marketing Website, Funnel Template, MAP Graphics ($9,997 Value)

AI Magnate – How to Drive Traffic With an AI TV Channel ($3,000 Value)

AI Support Bot ($400 Value)

First 4 ONLY: FREE Updates for 12 Months ($20,000 Value)

Software Growth Toolbox ($6,000 Value)

You have two options

Go hire a developer

Figure out how to talk to them

Wait for months or even years and still not have a finished product

Scrap it all start over again

Wish you got software in a box

Let us be your tech partner

Set it all up for you in two weeks

Build your marketing site

Show you how to get traffic

Start taking payments and making money before the month is over

Grow your recurring revenue month after month

Let’s Think About It Logically

You can’t procrastinate or get ADD, or run out of time - it’s all DFY

You can’t make a bad product - it’s built on the greatest tech on earth right now

You can’t fail at making sales - it’s the most in demand products in the world (Jasper, Copy.ai, ChatGPT)

You don’t need to hire employees or manage developers

You don’t need to know how to code (DFY)

You don’t need to update the software because AI updates automatically

The only thing holding you back is being a time trader vs. asset owner

You don’t need to know how to code (DFY)

Don’t be a cog in the machine when you can own the machine

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Done For You AI Software actually include?


The DFY AI Software package includes a fully customized and hosted AI software platform built on top of existing AI APIs like GPT-4. It comes with an AI writer, AI chatbots, AI image creation, voice-to-text, text-to-voice, and more. We handle all the setup, hosting, integration, and maintenance.


Do you take a cut of my subscription revenue?


No, you keep 100% of your software subscription revenue. This allows you to recoup your investment quickly and profit.


Do I need to know how to code to use this?


No coding knowledge is required. We take care of the entire technical backend and provide you with a turnkey hosted solution. You simply provide your brand and niche, and we customize and configure everything for you.


What happens after the first year?


After 12 months, you take over hosting and software maintenance, or simply pay us $500/month to continue maintaining your platform. The AI will auto-update, so the software won't become outdated.


What kind of niche can I choose for my AI software?


You can choose nearly any niche that needs AI-generated content - writers, marketers, coaches, advertisers, social media managers, and more. During onboarding, we'll help you select the best niche based on your interests and experience.


 How much does the DFY AI Software cost?


The full investment is $12,000. For the first 4 purchases, we are offering 12 months of free updates and support as a bonus. Financing plans are available starting at $6,000 down payment.

Here are 15 additional potential FAQs for the AI software webinar:


Do you have a money-back guarantee?


Yes. If you follow the training and aren't satisfied after 12 months, we'll make an offer to buy back your software


 How quickly can I expect to get my customized AI software package?


 Within 3 weeks your done-for-you AI software will be set up, hosted, branded, and ready to go.


Can I white label the software as my own product?


Absolutely. We will brand and configure it with your company logo, name, and style. It will look and function as your own proprietary software.


Do you help me get users and make sales?


Yes, we provide training on driving traffic, marketing, and making sales. Our goal is to help you get to 10+ users per day.


What kind of support do you provide?


We provide 12 months of technical support, maintenance, and updates. You also get access to our AI software owners community.


Can I offer a free trial to get users?


 Yes, you can offer free trials and freemium plans to build your user base rapidly. We'll show you best practices.


What happens if I want to sell my AI software company?


We can help you broker a deal to sell your company. Your equity and assets are fully owned by you.


Do I need any technical skills?


We provide 12 months of technical support, maintenance, and updates. You also get access to our AI software owners community.


Can I integrate payments and manage users?


Yes. We'll integrate Stripe so you can easily accept payments and manage your users.


Will the AI continually improve over time?


Yes, since it's built on top of rapidly evolving AI like GPT-4 and Dall-E 3, the capabilities will automatically upgrade.


Can I offer my AI software internationally?


Sure. We can translate your site and marketing assets to expand into other languages and countries.


Is there ongoing marketing training?


Yes. You get access to our AI TV training on driving traffic from sources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


 What tech stack and infrastructure is used?


We utilize proven technologies like AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, React, and Node.js to ensure enterprise-grade quality.


How can I learn more before getting started?


Feel free to browse our site and blog for more info. And you're welcome to schedule strategy call with our team.

Become an Ai Software CEO In The Next Two Weeks and Build a life you don’t need a vacation from